Your time's worth most when you do what you do best.

'All business owners have the same number of hours in their week.' This statement often causes our clients to raise their eyebrows.


  • A business service provider would ask: If I charge $100 an hour and work a 40hour week, why aren't I billing $4,000 every single week?
  • A grocery owner would wonder: With all the time I sink into my store, how come I still can't focus on my margins and on maximizing my percentages? Does my competitor know something I don't?
  • And the guy who slaves away to keep his construction business afloat is frustrated with his lack of available time to go out there and bring in more clients: Why can't my workforce perform their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively? Why am I busy processing payroll instead of making money?


The answer is simple: Instead of focusing on your 'moneymaker' services, you're busy juggling multiple other duties that are far below your pay grade. You thus end up paying yourself as an entry-level paper pusher instead of as a professional and a business owner.

Your business is comprised of three core elements. To function properly, all three must operate correctly, and together help the company grow: Your sales team must drive customers to buy; your operations manager must ensure the creation and delivery of goods; and your CFO must manage the checks and balances to keep things running.

The problem is that innate conflicts exist among these different elements, which is why they are usually assigned to different team members (in larger companies). If you try to juggle these duties throughout the day and week, you're setting yourself up for failure. Why? Because you can't objectively assume any position when you're still emotionally influenced by the other elements of your company.

Remember: You are the company CEO. Your job is NOT to push sales, handle billing or get involved with any of your employee's duties. Your job is to hire the right people, monitor the performances of your sales team, CFO and COO, and fire any incompetent members.
How do you manage all that? That's where Main Street Management comes in.

Business Management

Who doesn't want power and money?

We all know that knowledge is power and that time is money. As a financial servicing company, Main Street Management helps small business owners succeed by providing them with these three simple things:


  1. Reliable and quantifiable knowledge of the goings-on in their business
  2. The gift of time, through relief from back office duties and responsibilities
  3. Coaching and handholding in every financial decision through business growth


Main Street Management assumes the role of your CFO, quantifying everything that goes on in your business to ensure it yields profit. While we purposefully do not offer COO services or involvement with sales, our large, experienced team removes duties like mailing, banking, vendor AP, customer AR, overhead expenses, credit card bills, payroll sales taxes, payroll taxes, loans and much more. This empowers you to once again serve your company in the capacity of CEO.

Ownership of Financials

Most importantly, we take responsibility for our work and for your business. Beyond data entry, we take the success of your business as our own, assuming ownership of its financials, managing the funds, and leaving you free to realize your big ideas and company goals. The result? You either get to work considerably fewer hours, or suddenly find that every hour is many times more productive.

Books Structuring:

We also staff a senior team of financial experts who have a thorough understanding of how business books should work. This affords you a newfound level of clarity in a numberof ways:


  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Profit Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Monthly P&L Forecasting
  • Forecast vs. Actual Reporting
  • Balance Sheets/Equities
  • Profitability Advisement
  • Percentages Structuring
  • Margin Calculation Per Department


The concept is actually quite simple. We believe that business owners are smart, and don't require expensive consulting if they are armed with accurate data. We like to say, 'Give a business owner the knowledge and the time, and he'll turn it into money.'

With our custom-tailored structured books, you will find it easy to draw viable conclusions from your facts and figures. Your HR department will also have a much better understanding of what they need to accomplish. Simply put, once we provide you with targets, the good people on your team can achieve them successfully.

Main Street Management adds incredible value to any small-sized business. Our system is flexible, personal, and infinitely customizable to your specific needs. By 'rubberbanding' – reacting to your business as it progresses – we help it unlock its full earning potential.

Auditing Services

Crunching numbers is only half the story.

Anyone can generate common reports using accounting software, but your business' real narrative is hidden deeper than in the numbers alone. At Main Street Management, we look at the aggregated financial data to identify what's working and what isn't.

Our professional auditing services are designed for larger businesses that don't outsource their fiscal management to third parties. Under the direction of our financial experts, our auditing team performs ongoing, in-depth reviews of all books and records.

This intensive review process helps us locate issues ranging from recordkeeping to cash flow and everything in between. Our analytics department then develops a resolution strategy, and guides clients to diagnostic solutions that work every time.

Expert Fee Screening:

In addition, we utilize our experience in professional business fees to thoroughly scrutinize every account payable in efforts of saving our clients money on overhead expenses.

That's just another way in which Main Street Management effectively pays for itself.